Microsoft, Vivoom collaborate for mobile-first user-generated marketing strategy

Mobile media company Vivoom has formed a user-generated marketing alliance with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) that will encourage the creation and distribution of branded, consumer-created content, the company said.

With Vivoom, Microsoft´s audience will be able to create and share mobile videos with brand filters and custom calls-to-action added automatically. Also, with Vivoom´s platform, Microsoft will have the ability to flag and remove any off-brand or inappropriate content instantly, regardless of where it was shared, and to republish the best content across the company´s own marketing and social channels.

For Microsoft, the quality and flexibility of the video filters, and the ability to add customized, relevant calls-to-action to each and every video created were also critical factors in selecting Vivoom as its worldwide user-generated marketing partner.

Vivoom allows Microsoft to enable user-generated content creation across the channels and communities the company has invested so much to nurture and grow.

Vivoom enables brand-safe storytelling between advertisers and consumers at scale. Located in Cambridge, MA, Vivoom is funded by Insight Venture Partners, Stage1 Ventures, and Boston´s Converge VP.