MicroLink Devices delivers Solar Arrays to Prismatic Ltd. ford demonstration of PHASA-35 aircraft

MicroLink Devices, a flexible solar arrays producer, has announced it has completed delivery of its first production contract of solar arrays to Prismatic Ltd. for integration into their PHASA-35 high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (HALE UAV), the company said.

The lightweight, flexible solar arrays have the highest specific power of any solar technology and enable the PHASA-35 to fly for months at a time powered by sunlight alone.

The solar cells incorporate three semiconductor materials with different bandgaps in a single, ultra-thin and lightweight structure that enables greater than 30% of the sunlight to be converted into electrical energy. This high conversion efficiency has previously only been available for high-cost satellites using rigid and heavy solar cells. MicroLink´s patented inverted metamorphic multijunction (IMM) technology enables the manufacture of high efficiency devices in a thin and flexible format that produces over 2.0 kW of power from each kilogram of solar cell material.

MicroLink Devices is an ISO 9001 certified company located in Niles, IL. MicroLink has specialized in the growth of epitaxial structures that are used to make the high-performance transistors and power amplifiers that are essential to the high-speed communications industry.