Microlab, RF Connect to Offer GPS Signal Distribution Solution

Microlab, a Wireless Telecom Group company (NYSE American: WTT) and RF Connect, have partnered to develop a new and innovative in-building GPS signal distribution system, the company said.

The new system consists of an integrated GPS repeater and distribution network in a package enabling precise and controllable GPS coverage, the first of which will be deployed in a testing facility of a major American automotive manufacturer.

Incorporating signal conditioning and fine tuning of output power for each antenna, this new platform ensures the GPS signal does not extend beyond the desired test zone range. Driving these innovative capabilities is the new Microlab GPSD209 GPS Signal Conditioner, a 2 input, 9 output splitter with signal conditioning through variable gain settings and the ability to switch GPS outputs on and off in response to an external control signal.

It is often assumed that wireless signal availability, including GPS, is ubiquitous, however, that is not always the case and in-building environments pose many challenges for connectivity. Indoor use of GPS is often intermittent and unreliable, requiring a repeater to bring the outdoor signal inside.

Microlab, with its expertise in RF and microwave products for signal distribution and deployment and RF Connect with its expertise in wireless communication and connectivity solutions were able to identify the challenges associated with bringing a GPS inside and controlling the coverage, as both continue to address unique connectivity requirements for in-building communications systems worldwide.

The Microlab GPSD209 Signal Conditioner provides 5 to 35 dB of gain range per output port using manual step attenuators for adjustment. The active section is designed to provide -55 to -85 dBm of absolute power range with a -90 dBm GPS signal input. The step attenuators can be adjusted in 1 dB increments from 0-30 dB for fine tuning GPS signal distribution.

Three of the 9 ports share an external switch control that disable GPS signal. In this initial deployment the switch is connected to garage door sensors. GPS re-transmission is halted when the doors are opened allowing the test facility to bring vehicles in for testing while remaining in compliance with regulatory requirements regarding rebroadcasting and distorting GPS signals outdoors. To learn more about Microlab or RF Connect solutions, visit https://microlabtech.com/ or https://www.rfconnect.com/.