Microdrones added to transport Canada's compliant systems

Microdrones´ md4-1000 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been added to Transport Canada´s (TC) exclusive list of Compliant Unmanned Air Systems, the company said.

One of only eight companies worldwide to earn this distinction, Microdrones´ accomplishment benefits clients across the globe — not just Canada.

Canada is recognized as having one of the safest, most successful civil aviation programs in the world, and that is largely due to the efforts of Transport Canada. TC works diligently with domestic and international partners to maintain their pristine safety and security record.

To earn compliance, Microdrones was required to submit a variety of application materials, including flight, maintenance, and systems design manuals.

Microdrones developed the world´s first commercial quadcopter and their mdMapper solutions lead the industry for aerial surveying and mapping. mdMapper packages are complete solutions that include aircraft, sensors, and software — everything companies need to get started.