Michigan Capital Advisors invests in transportation-focused Fusion Coolant Systems

Private equity firm Michigan Capital Advisors (MCA), focused on the automotive and transportation-related industries, has announced it has partnered with Boston-based venture capital firm Material Impact in a joint investment in Fusion Coolant Systems (“FCS”), the company said.

FCS is a patented disruptive technology company that uses supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) as a cutting lubricant to the metal machining industry. The technology has been proven to reduce the costs of manufacturing and improve operational throughput in sectors such aerospace and automotive.

Michigan Capital Advisors is a Michigan-based private equity firm focused on the underserved Tier II and III suppliers in the automotive and transportation related industries with USD 20 — USD 200 million in revenue.

FSC patents secure the process of using supercritical carbon dioxide as a machining coolant and vehicle to deliver dry and enhanced lubrication to a cutting zone for applications demanding high lubrication and high cooling.