Metawave Delivers Critical Platforms for Economical 5G Deployment

Metawave, automotive radar and 5G technology innovator, has announced its entrance into the fast-growing 5G market with its Metawave TURBO™ and ECHO™ offerings, the company said.

Testing Metawave´s economical passive reflect array ECHO, NTT Docomo demonstrated a 10x increase in communication speed in a true-to-life outdoor scenario in Tokyo. Metawave is currently deploying these platforms in partnership with US and Japanese carriers and infrastructure companies operating at 24Ghz and higher.

Applications for Metawave´s ECHO passive reflector include extending 5GNR´s range to service dead zones, and to bend and point signals around corners and connect to backhaul radios. TURBO active relays amplification is able to extend signals by ~150 meters, under bridges, and through thick glass.

By intelligently designing and mounting TURBO and ECHO between towers and desired areas, Metawave increases signal strength inside malls, in office buildings, and in highly congested usage areas like sporting events, airports, concerts, etc. Both platforms are designed and built using conventional materials, providing low cost manufacturing solutions to solve high signal propagation losses facing today´s 5G deployment.

Metawave is delivering the first advanced analog beamsteering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions, making cars safer and smarter. Visit Metawave at