Metanoia Closes USD 19.3M New Round of Funding

Metanoia Communications Inc., a manufacturer of standalone high-speed xDSL and Gfast PHY chipsets for the wireline broadband market, has successfully completed its fundraising from a consortium of domestic investors led by Taiwania Capital Investment and National Development Fund, the company said.

Elan Microelectronics, the original primary investor in Metanoia, is also participating in this new round of investment.

The investment will enable Metanoia to develop and release 5G chips for Remote Radio Units (RRU), Small Cells and CPEs in near future, as well as to support the launch of Metanoia´s new Gfast / VDSL2 family of chipsets and is also expected to drive further international adoption and expansion.

Metanoia Communications, a subsidiary of Elan Microelectronics, was established in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Since its inception, Metanoia has been contributing to the development of several generations of semiconductor and software solutions for the wireline Broadband and the in-home networking markets, delivering to broadband manufacturers very high-speed PHY devices with reliable and superior performances.