META Releases Mental Health App For College Students

META, a Ceannate Corp. company, has announced the launch of the, the nation´s first teletherapy smartphone app built specifically for college students, the company said.

META is the first and only online platform that creates easy, stigma-free access for students to licensed therapists.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), one in five students have a diagnosable mental illness. While most universities offer counseling services either on campus or via referrals, students still encounter barriers when striving to overcome the stigma associated with getting help in a timely fashion, and scheduling regular, ongoing appointments, due to increased demand. According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, college counseling center utilization has increased by an average of 30–40%, and still 40% of students who struggle with mental illness do not seek help.

The META app, available on iOS and Android, allows students to select therapists based on language, gender, faith, therapy style, and accepted insurance plans. From there, students can schedule an introductory session with their therapist before making any payment. Unlike other teletherapy apps, META allows students to either leverage their insurance plans or pay out of pocket within the app. In addition to online counseling, META also provides students with relevant content on topics that regularly impact their lives, such as ways to reduce stress related to exams, money, relationships, addiction and campus safety issues. META also offers OnDeck, a surge protection for colleges when they experience a traumatic, on-campus incident that requires additional counselors for an extended period.

The app is the first of its kind to offer licensed therapists an easy way to expand their practice on their own terms. Rather than having to work around set hours, therapists on the META app can set their own schedules and deliver chat and video counseling at affordable rates to students. Additionally, META takes the hassle out of marketing to patients by putting therapists directly in front of the students.

META is the nation´s first teletherapy app built specifically for college students. META offers real-time, video counseling with licensed mental health professionals from the privacy of an Android or Apple smartphone.