Messagepoint Launches AI-powered Content Migration Optimization Software

Messagepoint Inc. has announced the launch of Rationalizer, an AI-powered software solution that accelerates the migration of legacy customer communications and content to modern environments, while also enabling the optimization of that content, the company said.

Since 2016 Messagepoint has offered Rationalizer as a service through its professional services team, but due to market demand, Messagepoint has evolved the solution to enable end users and other service providers to license and independently leverage the technology. Messagepoint´s new version of Rationalizer further enables automated, intelligent ingestion with support of Word and HTML documents, in addition to PDF and XML formats, and also provides enhanced AI/ML metadata tagging. Additionally, Rationalizer further streamlines the process of consolidating similar and duplicate content, enabling it to happen with a single click.

The modernization of legacy content and customer communications management (CCM) systems is a key goal of many organizations that manage complex, regulated communications, such as those in the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. To date, organizations are forced to resort to manual processes to migrate content to new, modern CCM systems. It´s not uncommon for these projects to take years to complete and cost millions of dollars, thereby representing a key barrier to modernization that often results in these initiatives being halted or significantly scaled down in scope.

Messagepoint is a provider of customer communications management software. Only Messagepoint harnesses AI-powered Content Intelligence to automate and simplify the process of migrating, optimizing, authoring and managing complex customer communications for non-technical (business) users. Customers rely on its award-winning platform to consistently deliver exceptional, highly personalized customer communications across all platforms and channels. For more information, visit