Message Systems, Twitter to empower email privacy initiative

Message Systems said it has released Email Privacy Report, a reporting tool developed in partnership with Twitter that details email encryption as it is transferred between domains and ISPs.

The report will provide Twitter users and public researchers with an increased understanding of the security measures taken by ISPs for email in transit and serves as an integral part of the Twitter Transparency Report for 2015, and also supports Message Systems´ best-in-breed flagship email service SparkPost.

The collaborative effort leverages Twitter´s position as one of the largest global social networks and the expertise of Message Systems, which supplies the technology through which one-quarter of global legitimate email is sent — including emails sent by Twitter, one of the world´s largest email senders. The report will provide a depth of analysis that encourages the adoption of robust email protection throughout the Internet provider community to protect user privacy in a world of frequent data breaches and constant malware threats.

To empower users in assessing their level of security, Email Privacy Report will deliver information including whether a specific domain utilizes verifiable security protocols to protect their users.

Message Systems is an email infrastructure provider. Its customers send over three trillion messages a year, more than 25 percent of the world´s legitimate email.