Mertech Marine Recovers Decommissioned Submarine Cable

After purchasing the remaining submerged section of the decommissioned Bermuda-US-1 (BUS-1) cable connecting Bermuda to the United States, Mertech Marine has recovered cable from the oceans depths, the company said.

From as deep as 5,205 meters (17,077 feet) the company´s specialist vessels hauled the recovered cable and its repeaters to the surface and from there they will be transshipped to the company´s specialized facilities in South Africa.

Only weeks after completing the cable´s purchase from international subsea services provider GlobeNet, Mertech Marine´s MV Lida and MV Layla began the recovery on 1 May, and by 23 May, the undersea operations were a complete success.

Mertech Marine is a provider of recovering and recycling unused undersea telecommunication cables. Mertech Marine has been pioneering and innovating turnkey solutions to the submarine telecommunication industry since 2004, using its own three vessel fleet to recover out of service cables, dismantle and recycle cables in their own factories. These cables are the raw materials that feed the facilities that Mertech Marine maintains in South Africa to give recovered materials a second life in various markets.