Merlin Endler: International sales development and leadership in the 21 century

A company that does not focus specifically on sales will fail sooner or later. After all, sales is the very heart of a company with which success, as well as failure, is connected. Especially nowadays it is very important to assert oneself against competitors and to avoid mistakes. Merlin Endler, the top expert for international sales development and leadership has some tips for entrepreneurs to get off to a successful start. 

Practice, theory, personality and a good team are the right approach

Merlin Endler also started out small, but quickly found out how to successfully build up a sales force. Of course, it is also important to acquire knowledge and not just start off in the blue. An important point is of course the personality and the joy in sales. Whoever generates customers half-heartedly has no chance on today’s market. But this is difficult on its own, as at most a handful of new customers can be acquired per day. A team is the key to success. 

Teamwork and success is crucial 

In order to have a good and successful team, it also depends on leadership qualities, says Merlin Endler. Because only if the team is successful is the entrepreneur successful. Therefore, training is essential for success. If you put together your team, you don’t have to rely directly on professionals. What is much more important here is that the chemistry is right, that the employees show enthusiasm, are open and honest and also share the same values as yourself. Cooperation, including between the boss and the team, is the be-all and end-all. 

Customer generation is not easy

In order to generate customers, one must of course first know which target group is to be addressed – this is crucial to one’s success. Afterwards the contacts are made, which of course have to be found first. Endler knows that customer data is particularly important. Because if you have no idea how to get contacts or cell phone numbers of customers who want to be called, you will quickly have a problem and the whole project is in danger of failing. Basically, there are many individual possibilities here. On the one hand, there may still be many contacts from previous employment relationships. On the other hand, contacts can be received through newsletters or social media outreach. But these are usually very small, which means that one should not rely on them.

Endler also warns against setbacks. Setbacks are there to make things better next time. Moreover, they are guaranteed and will always come back. One should not be discouraged by these. With a good team in the background, these will also be quickly forgotten and you can start over again. 

Basically, according to Merlin Endler, successful sales is not that difficult if you work together with passion and a good team. Only together are you strong and the team and the company must pull together – that should be the credo. Therefore it would be fatal to cut back on the team and thus destroy the passion of the employees.