Menzies Aviation ups base pay rate to USD15.24/hour

Menzies Aviation, a global provider of ground handling services, said its base rate for its employees at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was increased to USD15.24.

The rates for leads and supervisors have also been increased in line with the new wage rates. This wage increase affected more than 900 of its Seattle employees.

The company noted that all new agents are required to complete two weeks of classroom training and orientation before they are permitted to start work at the airport. An additional four weeks of working airside followed by specific equipment training and testing is then required before a new agent is permitted to operate any ground support equipment (GSE).

The company remains optimistic that the recent citations from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries will be resolved through the appeal process. The company believes that many of the citations were inappropriately issued as they relate to wider airport infrastructure issues over which it has no control.

For example, some of the suggestions for modification would require not only a massive reconfiguration of the airport itself, but also changes to the baggage systems and ground handling equipment used. In an industry where consistency of systems and processes is essential to the safe and efficient operation of the air transportation network these changes would have far reaching implications for all airlines and contractors having operations at Sea-Tac.

Menzies Aviation provides ground handling services operating at 146 airports in 31 countries around the world. The company employs 20,500 people who handle over 1.2 million aircraft operations and 1.5 million tons of air cargo every year for 500 commercial airline customers. Locally, at Sea-Tac, Menzies is the largest ground handling company and employs more than 900 people who service some 200 aircraft turnaround operations every day.