MeMD launches behavioral telehealth services for businesses and consumers nationwide

To improve access to mental health care for employees and consumers across the country, national telehealth provider MeMD® launched behavioral health services through its online platform at, the company said.

With mental health professionals nationwide, Arizona-based MeMD offers online therapy for depression, anxiety, substance misuse, trauma, marital and family problems, eating disorders, grief, and numerous other emotional and mental health issues.

The shortage of US behavioral health services is well documented. According to Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 100 million Americans live in areas where behavioral health services are severely limited. Often times, people must travel long distances or wait months to see a provider. It´s no surprise Mental Health America reports nearly 60 percent of US adults with a mental health condition do not receive proper treatment.

Available to employer groups and individuals, MeMD members can connect with a therapist in as few as 48 hours from their computer or mobile device. Patients simply log on 24/7 to select their desired appointment date and time. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Unlike most competitive services — virtual or in person — MeMD has built scientifically developed and validated measurement and outcome-based care into its model. Those who request a therapy session are prompted to complete the Behavioral Health Screen, a multi-dimensional assessment tool. Developed by Maryland-based mdlogix, the Behavioral Health Screen allows patients to self-report and rank their symptoms and risk factors across 16 domains. It´s available in English and Spanish. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian versions are in development.

MeMD members can complete the assessment before treatment commences, once therapy is complete and at any time during treatment, allowing members and their providers to measure progress and track improvement.

MeMD´s network of behavioral health providers includes Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and other equivalent licensed professionals. MeMD uses the standards of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to credential each provider through primary-source verification of education and training, clinical work experience, licensure information and claims history.

MeMD stands out in the telehealth industry for its technological capabilities. Designed to complement employer-sponsored health plans, the company provides convenient, on-demand access to primary, urgent care and behavioral health services through a computer or mobile device.

MeMD® offers a comprehensive telehealth solution that facilitates on-demand, online care for common illnesses, injuries and behavioral health issues for consumers and businesses nationwide. The company leverages the latest technologies to treat the whole person, affordably and conveniently, from a computer or mobile device. For more information, visit