Megaport's interconnection fabric to enhance Verizon digital media service content

Megaport has been selected by Verizon Digital Media Services for Megaport´s elastic interconnection fabric, which enable direct connections to Verizon Digital Media Services´ solutions, while also localising content delivery network services to consumers, the company said.

Megaport simplifies scaling network capacity by provisioning direct connections to Verizon digital media services´ solutions in any market where Megaport and Verizon Digital media services both have a presence, through its portal and API.

Verizon Digital Media Services plans to utilise the Megaport internet exchanges in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore, and the Megaport elastic fabric at several locations in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashburn and Dallas. Verizon plans to join additional Internet Exchanges in Europe and additional markets, in the near future.

Verizon Digital Media Services is part of AOL, a Verizon Communications, Inc. company, and offers an end-to-end platform, powered by a digital distribution network.

Megaport is a provider software defined networking based elastic interconnection services. Megaport operates in 67 data centres across 15 markets in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States and is currently expanding its presence into additional data centres in North America and key markets in Europe, including London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Stockholm.