Megaport enables elastic interconnectivity to trans-Pacific link

Megaport (USA), Inc, the US subsidiary of elastic interconnection services provider Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1), has launched a new route for customers, connecting Hong Kong to Los Angeles and a secondary path from Singapore to Hong Kong to meet high customer demand, the company said.

As with all Megaport enabled infrastructure, consumption will be based on cloud computing models, including month-to-month services. Through this link, enterprise customers can now access trans-pacific capacity via Megaport´s global Software Defined Network.

This means that Megaport customers can now link services including cloud connections, Point to Points, and remote peering between Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US, without requiring a physical presence in all locations.

Megaport´s global software defined network enables customers to connect their network to other services and data centres across the world.