Meep debuts on iOS

Meep, the personal news radio app that allows users to share stories along with their own audio messages, has launched for iOS.

The app will be available for free for a limited time in the iTunes App Store, and will be released shortly for Android.

Meep instantly creates personal stations that play the latest stories about topics that users choose, mixed with short clips of ancillary content like music and local weather. Users simply pick a subject and start listening, without digging through podcasts or blog posts. Meep gets smarter as stories are favorited or skipped, and as friends or interests are followed.

Popular Meep stories are read by approved voiceover professionals who have the flexibility of logging in at their convenience to record as many or as few stories as they´d like.

For publishers, Meep offers near-instant audio recordings of written content, and offers rich analytics about story consumption — for example, at what point in stories users tend to drop off.