MEDITECH's Market Share Grows With Expanse

The Expanse platform is expanding MEDITECH´s appeal, drawing interest and purchases from organizations outside MEDITECH´s legacy customer bases and from types of organizations that haven´t typically considered MEDITECH in the past, according to a 2020 US EMR Market Share report from KLAS, the company said.

MEDITECH was one of only two vendors to report market share growth in 2019, amassing 29 net new (net sites are defined as competitive wins) customers, including a purchase from a larger (400+ bed) health system outside MEDITECH´s legacy customer bases.

Furthermore, MEDITECH also experienced growth of Expanse with an additional 27 customers choosing to migrate to the platform from earlier legacy MEDITECH platforms. This brings the total number of customers on Expanse to 232, representing 623 hospitals, according to MEDITECH´s own company statistics.

Now more than ever, during this pandemic, healthcare organizations need an EHR that offers timely information and guidance to support their decisions, and Waters is proud to see the irrefutable impact Expanse has had for frontline staff.

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