Mediacom Communications completes USD 1.15bn of financing transactions

Mediacom Communications Corporation has announced that it completed USD 1.15 billion of financing transactions for Mediacom LLC, one of its two principal operating subsidiaries, the company said.

Former Term Loan K was increased from USD 794 million to USD 900 million under the amended Term Loan N, and its interest rate reduced by 0.50% to LIBOR + 1.75%. The final maturity of Term Loan N is unchanged at February 2024.

Term Loan A-1 was increased from USD 190 million to USD 250 million, and its interest rate reduced by 0.25% to LIBOR + 1.80% (net of related cash benefits). The final maturity of Term Loan A-1 was extended from November 2021 to March 2023.

Mediacom Communications is the fifth largest cable operator in the US serving almost 1.4 million customers in smaller markets primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. Mediacom offers a wide array of information, communications and entertainment services to households and businesses, including video, high-speed data, phone, and home security and automation. More information about Mediacom is available at