MediaBrix, Kik partner on emotional brand connections using Kik points

MediaBrix has formed a strategic partnership with chat app Kik, as one of the first monetization partners with the shared goal of ensuring premium user interaction, receptivity and choice, the company said.

A major emphasis of the MediaBrix platform integration is to help grow Kik Points, a rewards program in which users can earn points by completing activities on Kik, such as watching a video or downloading a sticker pack. Users can then redeem points for digital goods like emojis.

Kik has a global audience of 240 million users that averages 35 minutes per session, higher than other leading messaging apps. Through the partnership, MediaBrix is able to provide a seamless integration of brand messaging within the app environment that is respectful to the user experience, netting brands 500 percent higher engagement rates than any other digital advertising.

Kik Points provide value to users in exchange for engagement, be it video views or another call to action, and because the user is in control, interacting with ads becomes a more entertaining experience, creating positive sentiment for brands.

MediaBrix delivers emotionally charged brand connections that maximize consumer receptivity during mobile advertising experiences. As the only solution of its kind, we Rescue, Rally and Reward users with our proprietary product suite when they are emotionally available, leading to in-app campaign engagement rates 500 percent higher than all other digital formats.

Kik Interactive, Inc. connects the world through chat. The company is the maker of Kik, a chat network with more than 240 million registered users and 40 percent of US teens where people can chat with friends and connect with chat-based services. Founded in 2009, Kik Interactive, Inc. is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.