MedChi CTO, DrFirst to Provide Backline with Telehealth for Physician Practices

MedChi CEO Gene Ransom applauds Governor Hogan´s decisive action this week to clarify telehealth delivery services in Maryland, the company said.

MedChi supported the first bill, Maryland Senate Bill 502, which requires Medicaid to provide mental health services appropriately delivered through telehealth to a patient in the patient´s home setting. The bill also expands the definition of “telehealth” for purposes of private insurance coverage to include the delivery of mental health care services to a patient in the patient´s home.

MedChi´s concerns about the second bill, Maryland Senate Bill 402, as it was originally written were resolved by the General Assembly´s artfully drafted amendments that protect patients and clarify the role of in-person visits. “MedChi is very pleased the Governor is taking this action and signing the two bills today, and we appreciate the additional clarity of his recent Executive Order,” said Ransom.

MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is urging the State of Maryland to provide physician practices with telehealth technology to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. MedChi has been a leader on coronavirus, educating and working with Maryland physicians, and keeping people up to date with their Coronavirus Resource page.

MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is a non-profit membership association of Maryland physicians. It is the largest physician organization in Maryland. The mission of MedChi is to serve as Maryland´s foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients and the public health of Maryland. For more information, visit

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