Medallia Acquires Voci Technologies

Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA), the global provider of experience management, has announced it has completed the acquisition of the speech-to-text platform, Voci Technologies, the company said.

Companies are now engaging with customers by phone more than any other channel and these interactions are a gold mine of untapped insights. Adding call center feedback to Medallia´s powerful experience management platform can power exceptional customer experiences and significant gains in operational efficiency.

Voci´s artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning capabilities matched with Medallia Experience Cloud, will provide customers with deep, accurate insights from customer calls including emotion, sentiment and voice biometric identity enabling contact centers to work at significantly higher levels.

Voci will maintain its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Voci is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable you to develop voice data applications designed for the contact center. It provides best-in-class transcription accuracy with the lowest total operating cost available in the market.