McConnell tests operations of KC-46 NVG flights

McConnell Air Force Base has announced a KC-46 Pegasus crew has conducted operational test flights using night vision goggles, the company said.

The crew of the 344th Air Refueling Squadron and a single boom operator performed the first of two NVG training flights beginning April 21, 2020 over Joint Base Charleston and North Auxiliary Field, South Carolina. The training opportunity evaluated the aircrew´s ability to perform tactical takeoffs and landing using NVGs.

The test flights enable crews to gain valuable experience using NVGs with the new airframe as well as earn a certification to instruct future Pegasus pilots.

The crew began the initial operational test and evaluation of NVG flights to examine how the new airframe and pilots perform. The success of these flights are necessary for the KC-46 to become fully operational. The findings during these flights will be used to develop tactics, techniques and procedures for future Pegasus pilots.