MaxLinear delivers 400Gbps PAM4 SoC on 16FF process

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) has announced that MaxLinear, Inc., used Cadence® timing signoff tools to successfully deliver the MxL935xx Telluride device, the industry´s first 400Gbps PAM4 system on chip (SoC) using 16FF process technology, the company said.

The Cadence Quantusâ„¢ Extraction Solution and Tempusâ„¢ Timing Signoff Solution were key enablers of the on-time delivery of working silicon for MaxLinear. The Telluride device is the key component for system vendors to be able to develop a 400Gbps optical interconnect module in a compact form factor for intra-datacenter applications with a transmission distance up to 2 kilometers.

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