Mattress firm chooses Birch to consolidate communications

Birch Communications, Inc., said it is expanding its strategic partnership with Mattress Firm to provide consolidated communications services.

Birch said that Mattress Firm had identified a critical need to consolidate communications services with a single service provider. In choosing a single service provider, Mattress Firm simplified total-cost of ownership — administrative, maintenance and invoice processing — allowing the organization to redeploy assets to more mission-critical projects.

“Birch´s ability to provide a wide variety of communications, network, cloud and IT services on a nationwide basis are a perfect solution for Mattress Firm,” said Vincent Oddo, President and CEO at Birch.

“It is important to align ourselves with partners that understand retail and the ever-changing and growing needs of our business. Birch has demonstrated the ability to meet the demands of our growth and has made it possible to consolidate our carrier footprint while providing superior products and services,” said Keith Lutz, Vice President of Infrastructure at Mattress Firm.

With more than 2,300 company-operated and franchised stores across 40 states, Mattress Firm (NASDAQ: MFRM) boasts the largest geographic footprint in the United States among multi-brand mattress retailers. Founded in 1986, Houston-based Mattress Firm is a leading bedding retailer with approximately USD2.0 billion in 2014 sales pro forma for acquisitions, including franchise sales.

Birch Communications, Inc. is a leading communications, network, cloud and IT solutions provider. Recognized for exceptional customer experience, Birch delivers compelling solutions that assist small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses to increase their productivity.