Matternet'S M2 drone reaches D&R testing stage in FAA certification process

Matternet has announced its M2 drone system has been approved to start durability and reliability (D&R) testing, one of the final steps to be granted FAA Type Certification for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), the company said.

Achieving Type Certification will mean that the Matternet M2 system has been deemed airworthy by the FAA and is eligible to be used by commercial air carriers. Approval to start D&R testing is a major milestone in the Type Certification process for the Matternet M2, and for the Type Certification of UAS in general. This milestone means that Matternet has met the rigorous requirements of the FAA for documenting and controlling the build process of the M2, as well as gained approval for the certification and test plans.

With a few exceptions, only certified aircraft can be used in Part 135 operations, such as UPS Flight Forward. Matternet has been a partner of UPS since March 2019, and in October 2019, its technology enabled the first Standard Part 135 drone airline–UPS Flight Forward. Once Type Certification has been achieved by Matternet, the company and UPS will be able to scale operations at an even faster pace.

Matternet is a developer of technology for on-demand, aerial delivery in urban environments. The company provides its technology platform-as-a-service to healthcare and logistics organizations.