Matternet introduces urban drone logistics platform

Matternet, an urban drone logistics platform, has unveiled its new Matternet Station, supporting the company´s vision of distributed, peer-to-peer drone logistics networks for urban environments, the company said.

The station is integrated with Matternet´s autonomous M2 Drone and Cloud Platform, providing an intuitive user interface for sending and receiving medical payloads, and a safe and secure drone portal for hospital campuses. Stations will initially service healthcare systems in Switzerland and the US.

With the new Station, Matternet is moving further into the future of autonomous aerial systems, giving hospitals and their supply partners the ability to integrate automated drone delivery into their laboratory and pharmacy operations.

Matternet is currently working with the FAA to Type Certify its Matternet M2 Drone and Cloud Platform, designed the new Station as an aviation-grade asset. T

Matternet provides its technology platform-as-a-service to healthcare and logistics organizations.