Materna expands aviation business with self-serve bag drop installation

Materna GmbH has expanded its aviation business after being awarded a new self-service bag drop installation at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the company said.

Toronto Pearson is a large Canadian airport that served 41 million passengers in 2015. The company said with the addition of the Materna solution, the airport will improve its passenger handling by allowing passengers from several airlines to check in their luggage autonomously.

The self-service bag drop solution is part of Toronto Pearson´s improvements and allows airlines to automate the bag drop process for already checked-in passengers.
With the new subsidiary in Canada, Materna takes another step in its internationalization strategy. One year ago, the aviation specialist already opened a subsidiary in Orlando, Florida, following a similar contract at John Wayne Airport in California. Effective January 1st 2016, Materna acquired the Norwegian company DSG Bagdrop AS, a renowned specialist for self-service bag drop solutions in the airlines and airports segment.

Materna GmbH is an IT consulting company in the information and communications technology sector, employing around 1.700 staff members throughout Europe and achieving revenues of EUR210 million in 2015.