Materion delivers AlBeCast castings to Lockheed Martin

Materion Beryllium & Composites, a Materion Corporation (NYSE: MTRN) business, said it has delivered the first finished AlBeCast® aluminum-beryllium investment cast components to Lockheed Martin for the F-35 Lightning II Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) following first-article inspection (FAI) approval.

Lockheed Martin´s EOTS for the F-35 Lightning II is a high-performance, lightweight, multi-function system that provides precision air-to-air and air-to-surface targeting capability. As the first sensor to combine forward-looking infrared and infrared search and track functionality, EOTS enhances F-35 pilots´ situational awareness and allows aircrews to identify areas of interest, perform reconnaissance and precisely deliver laser- and GPS-guided weapons. Lockheed Martin has delivered more than 170 EOTS for the F-35 Lightning II.

Aluminum-beryllium materials and castings provide favorable cost/benefit advantages for technically demanding applications such as EOTS that require a combination of ultra-light weight, high stiffness, mechanical stability and thermal properties.

Materion Corporation is headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, supplies highly engineered advanced enabling materials to global markets. Products include precious and non-precious metals, inorganic chemicals and powders, specialty coatings, specialty engineered beryllium alloys, beryllium and beryllium composites, and engineered clad and plated metal systems.