Massive, Evergent leverage Google Cloud

Massive and Evergent, with Google Cloud, have has announced a collaboration to create a solution that will enable MVPDs to offer competitive “a-la-carte” content bundles to their customers, the company said.

The move is in response to heightened cord-cutting practices as a result of increasing demand from consumers for more control over what they are paying for, which has put the pressure on operators to modernize their offerings or risk a sustained loss in revenues.

Built on Google´s Cloud Platform, the solution is a turnkey offering for operators looking to rapidly roll out new packages through OTT delivery as a managed service. It will give their customers the flexibility to hand-pick their own ´skinny bundle´ of channels for a fixed fee, with the option to change their selection every month based on their preferences. Clients can also create themed bundles on the fly using the platform (i.e., a World Cup sports package) and surface them to customers for immediate access.