Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. recognized with 2019 Spirit of Flight Award

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co., Ltd, has announced it has received the 2019 Spirit of Flight Award from Board of Trustees of the NAHF in the United States, the company said.

The Spirit of Flight Award qualifications include organizations that serve a special need of the nation and set high standards for excellence in the utilization of aerospace assets.

Martin-Baker sets the bar for aircraft safety and its history of excellence and engineering. Its ejection seat saves lives and ensures men and women come home safely.

Martin-Baker joins NASA, the Tuskeegee Airmen, the Doolittle Raiders and other aviation pioneers who have received this award.

Martin-Baker employs approximately 1,000 people worldwide, with approximately 180 at Martin-Baker America headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Martin-Baker America is responsible for the manufacture and assembly of escape systems and crashworthy seats for the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army. Martin-Baker America has over 5,000 seats in aircraft at 52 bases across 42 states.