Marmalade Transforms Insurance with Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Marmalade, the provider of cars and car insurance for young drivers in the UK, has partnered with CMT, a provider of smartphone telematics and behavioural analytics, the company said.

Switching to CMT´s App+Tag solution will improve user experience and safety for young drivers, and risk analysis for Marmalade and its insurance partners.

The new driver app coaches safer driving behaviours, and is linked to a Tag, a small sensor fixed on the windscreen. The App+Tag automatically records trips and offers drivers and Marmalade valuable information, including:

The technology will be used on Marmalade´s Named Young Driver Insurance, which allows brand new drivers to use their parents´ car alongside an already existing insurance policy. When those drivers are ready to have their own vehicles with their own policy, they will be able to insure them using the same system.

Because no hardware installation is required, the solution is compatible with all vehicles and only takes minutes to set up. It also captures all journeys, allowing Marmalade and its insurance partners to reduce fraud and receive higher quality data. As a result, their loss ratios can improve.

Marmalade is the provider of car insurance and cars for young drivers. Founded in 2006, it helps young drivers get behind the wheel, keeps them safe, improves their driving skills and saves money. As a champion of young people, Marmalade provides a range of flexible products that specifically meet the needs of young people (and their parents) through every stage of their driving journey from learner to full licence, and beyond. For more information visit:

CMT´s mission is to make the world´s roads and drivers safer. Since its first product launch in 2012 that pioneered mobile usage-based insurance, CMT has become the world´s telematics and analytics provider for insurers, rideshares, fleets, and more. From risk assessment to crash and claims, its solutions reduce losses, improve industry processes, and help drivers in their moments of need. With more than 50 active programs worldwide, CMT is improving safety for millions of drivers every day. To learn more, visit