Mantaro Networks, Beeper Communications to develop advanced technologies for public safety

Mantaro and Beeper Group have agreed to enter into partnership for the purpose of further advancing their products, through the integration of their proprietary technologies, the companies said.

The companies will immediately commence with their work together, and expect to be introducing new products and solutions with customers, by the second quarter of 2017.

Mantaro Networks Inc. provides a range of products and product development services to its technology clients. All of Mantaro´s products can be used off the shelf (as is) or can be customized for particular applications or environments by Mantaro´s technical services staff.

Mantaro has been designing manufacturing and selling telepresence robotics systems since 2010 under the MantaroBot brand. Mantaro´s robotic products are targeted at commercial business, healthcare, construction and law enforcement.

Beeper develops and operates cost effective, end-to-end solutions.