MakeMyPlate closes beta, delivers simple weight loss solutions

MakeMyPlate said it has officially ended its beta and rolled out to a worldwide audience seeking a “no-brainer” solution to weight loss through balanced nutrition, science and stunning visuals.

MakeMyPlate offers a sumptuous alternative to frustrating, dead-end fad diets.

MakeMyPlate delivers perhaps the simplest way to lose weight through healthy eating. The app features preplanned meals with thousands of different options, all of which were formulated by certified nutritionists and celebrity trainers, and are showcased within a stunning interface.

While the visual aspect of the app makes it easy to understand and fun to use, it also delivers the ability to “mix and match” foods to create the perfect plate for each person, right from their smartphone or tablet. All of the meals are preplanned and balanced for users — all that´s left is to play with the options to create the perfect option for taste and weight loss. Users can combine and create new plates, ensuring they have fun while enjoying delectable dishes.

MakeMyPlate is a startup with offices in Dallas, Texas and Tel Aviv, Israel. The Tel Aviv office serves as the organization´s R&D headquarters. The company was selected as a sponsored health-technology startup by Health WildCatters, which invests in healthcare industry tech firms in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.