Maison Mumm develops zero-gravity champagne for space travel

Maison Mumm has announced it has developed Mumm Gand Cordon Stellar, a champagne designed to be tasted in space, the company said.

The champagne comes in a zero-gravity bottle design and will premiere in a flight over the vineyards of Reims.

Maison Mumm´s goal was to take champagne into space while maintaining its integrity – especting its aromas, the tasting ritual and the specifications of the AOC.

The bottle is made of an aeronautical-grade aluminum and the stainless steel (the same metal found in the assembly vats at Mumm Grand Cordon in Reims) for their ability to adhere to complex specifications. The double cavity of the glass bottle, the mechanized system contained within it, the ring mounted on the cork and the unique tapered-stem glasses were all carefully considered to reproduce the terrestrial tasting ritual as loyally as possible.