Mainstream Adoption of 5G Starts to Transform Markets

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) has announced its Orion 5G Security Suite, which enables mobile carriers and service providers to be ready for the business transformation 5G and NFV brings, the company said.

The suite allows customers to meet the requirements needed today and helps them future proof their networks for tomorrow by delivering security, scalability, agility and analytics, while integrating with an industry-leading partner ecosystem. A10 brings unique expertise from working with many of the production 5G networks that are now operational around the world.

A10 Networks has been at the forefront of initial 5G rollouts with tier-one carriers worldwide and is working with many others to plan for their future 5G initiatives. With the announcement of the 5G Orion Security Suite, service providers have a proven comprehensive suite of secure applications services that have been engineered for cloud-native architecture to aid in making their 5G and NFV strategies successful.

The Orion 5G Security Suite enables advanced security and reliability functions as individual services by modularizing and offering them as a service layer with a set of connected technologies that employ automated intelligence, machine learning and centralized visibility and control.

Partnering with tier-one operators, A10 has honed its solutions to meet the critical 5G requirements for improved security, reliability and performance learned from 5G network rollouts over the last year. A10 provides an interconnected suite — virtual or physical — resulting in lower latency, larger scale, higher reliability and lower TCO–all of which have been required for the emerging 5G use cases customers are enabling.

A10 Networks enables service providers, cloud providers and enterprises to ensure their 5G networks and multi-cloud applications are secure. With advanced analytics, machine learning and intelligent automation, business-critical applications are protected, reliable and always available. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, Calif. and serves customers in 117 countries worldwide. For more information, visit: and @A10Networks.