Mahindra Comviva launches monetization platform for CSPs

Mahindra Comviva has launched IRIS, the newest addition to its Revenue Plus suite – a monetization platform for CSPs, the company said.

“Incremental Revenues through Incremental Sales” (IRIS) unifies retailer and subscriber recharge processes by providing a seamless, congruent and concurrent recharge experience to both the parties. Subscribers are segmented across various categories and provided with an interactive best fit offer.

The aim is to create a better value proposition and increase subscriber revenue. IRIS gives the flexibility of treating each customer and retailer differently and rewards their unique combination at various levels of the upgrade.

IRIS is an integrated channel management solution embedded with workforce automation, which encompasses various functions like retailer incentivization, retailer self-help and channel self-help. It enhances retailer incentivization by tuning the value of each reward to the value/effort of the upgrade brought in from each customer. Further, it aids customers in service discovery through its customer self-help feature.