Magnet introduces open mobile architecture for enterprise mobile application development

Magnet Systems said it has unveiled a brand new approach to application development designed to simplify the entire process of developing and deploying enterprise mobile applications.

Magnet MAX is a modular suite of technologies that provide new infrastructure and best practices for enterprise grade mobile app development. Magnet´s open source architecture provides APIs, SDKs and tooling for faster application development, a server optimized for mobile applications, and deep messaging capabilities for stronger user engagement.

Magnet MAX is an open source approach to mobile application development that includes the technology, process and architecture needed to enable on premise or cloud deployments. The components within the Magnet MAX architecture are flexible and open to enable companies to solve a variety of challenges.

Magnet Systems is powering the next generation of mobile applications with an open architecture to enable businesses and developers to create more engaging and productive enterprise-class mobile applications. Magnet Systems is based in Palo Alto, CA and has received series USD59.8M in two funding rounds led by Andreessen Horowitz.