Magnesium Elektron gives thumbs-up to use of magnesium in commercial aircraft seats

Magnesium Elektron, a division of specialty materials company Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE:LXFR), said it has welcomed the publication of a new design standard recording the removal of a long-standing regulatory ban on the use of magnesium alloys in commercial aircraft seats.

Magnesium Elektron has led an intensive eight-year effort to get to this point with the objective of making modern lightweight magnesium alloys available to aircraft seat designers and manufacturers. Two years ago the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowed the use of certain magnesium alloys under “special conditions,” but it has taken until now for the design standard to be formally revised.

Elektron® 43 and Elektron® 21 are the only magnesium alloys that have already met the cited performance requirements by passing extensive flammability tests conducted by the FAA, including seven full-scale aircraft interior tests. Both alloys have proven, long-term performance records, including critical applications in jet engines and military aircraft.

Founded in 1936, Magnesium Elektron specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying magnesium products and services to technology industries worldwide. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Swinton, England; Lakehurst, N.J.; Riverhead, N.Y.; Madison, Ill., Findlay, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Tamaqua, Pa.; Ontario, Canada; and Louka u Litvínova, Czech Republic.