Magento Commerce acquires RJMetrics

Magento Commerce has acquired RJMetrics, a cloud-based analytics platform tuned for digital commerce business intelligence, the company said.
The Magento core platform will include a powerful native solution enabling merchants to better understand and optimize their commerce business based on actionable data and insights into customers and merchandising, channels.

The new solution will be marketed as Magento Analytics and will allow non-technical business users to integrate with enterprise-grade data sets across applications in order to consolidate and analyze data for effective multi-brand, cross-channel reporting.

Key capabilities Magento Analytics will enable for B2B and B2C merchants.

The transaction closed in Magento´s third fiscal quarter. RJMetrics´ second product, an ETL service, is spinning off into its own company and brand, Stitch. Union Square Advisors served as financial advisors.

Magento Commerce is a company specializing in cloud digital commerce for retailers, brands and branded manufacturers.

RJMetrics is a cloud-based analytics platform, combining rich data from ecommerce platforms, advertising networks, event tracking tools, providing users with a holistic view of their customer lifecycle and actionable analytics for running a data-driven business.