MAG USA CEO/president to advise DOT on industry issues

US Department of Transportation (DOT) has appointed Rosemarie Andolino, CEO and president of MAG USA, as a member of the new National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism, the department said.

Andolino joins 25 public and private sector stakeholders from the transportation, travel and tourism industries, who will serve as experts and advise the Department of Transportation on key issues, priorities, projects and funding needs related to the use of the intermodal transportation network of the US to facilitate travel and tourism.

Andolino joined MAG USA following more than 12 years at the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA). She will serve a two-year term and was nominated and selected due to her extensive background and experience in the industry.

MAG USA is a subsidiary of UK-based MAG, which seeks to improve the traveler´s experience through technology, products and multi-channel marketing.

MAG is a large private company in the UK and owns and operates Manchester, London Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth Airports. MAG employs over 4,500 people, annually serves approximately 50 million passengers and handles 650,000 tonnes of air freight.