Macronix releases OctaFlash

World-leading non-volatile memory (NVM) solution manufacturer Macronix (TSE: 2337) said it has released the industry´s fastest SPI NOR flash memory, the OctaFlash MX25UM product family.

OctaFlash provides designers with the next generation performance level of x8 I/O serial interface products with an operating frequency of up to 200MHz and transmission speeds of up to 400MB/s. This waids designers in meeting the demands demands of in-vehicle entertainment, ADAS & camera applications.

As a driver and leader in the non-volatile memory market, Macronix has a strong history in continually providing solutions to meet the emerging needs of the automotive market. As many automotive applications exceeded the performance needs of traditional Quad (x4) I/O SPI solutions, Macronix introduced their first x8 I/O SPI solution in the form of the Dual Quad MX66L-85G series and now, taking the performance to the next level, Macronix is introducing this year the Octaflash MX25UM family, with SPI backwards compatibility.

The OctaFlash product line uses Macronix´s advanced 55nm production technology, and offers both 1.8V and 3V options, covering 256MB, 512MB and 1GB densities. Macronix has begun shipping samples from the end of September.