Lynk Connects Satellite Directly to Standard Mobile Phones on Earth

Lynk (Lynk Global, Inc.) has announced that it has successfully connected a satellite in low-Earth orbit to an ordinary mobile phone on Earth, the company said.

The technical breakthrough enabled Lynk to send the world´s first ever text message from space to a mobile phone. This milestone, witnessed by independent third-party observers, represents the critical, industry-first next step for Lynk´s ultimate vision to use satellites to provide broadband services directly to over five billion mobile phones on the planet, everywhere.

Lynk successfully sent the world´s first message from a satellite in space to a standard mobile phone on Earth. This is a key milestone on the path to provide broadband services directly to over 5 billion mobile phones on the planet, everywhere.

Lynk´s historic test took place on February 24, 2020, using the firm´s patented “cell tower in space” technology — low-Earth orbit nanosatellites that connect directly to unmodified mobile phones. Lynk has successfully repeated the test multiple times, including with independent observers.

Lynk´s patented technology allows standard cell phones, without any changes in hardware or software, to be connected virtually anywhere on the globe using low-earth-orbit nanosatellites. The Lynk network of cell towers in space will provide connectivity in the most isolated areas, providing a safety net to people in remote locations. For more information, visit Follow Lynk on Twitter (@LynkTheWorld) and on LinkedIn.