Lyft Now Available to all Consumer Cellular Customers

Consumer Cellular, a wireless provider, has launched CC Go, a new concierge service made possible by a partnership between Consumer Cellular and the ride-sharing service, Lyft, the company said.

According to a survey by KRC Research for the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center, 75 percent of adults age 60 and over who stopped driving last year, did so either because they did not feel comfortable or due to a disability. Without mobility, seniors are often prevented from doing the things they need and want to do, often to isolation and loneliness.

With CC Go, customers can request a ride for themselves or their loved ones and receive the same conveniences of a ride sharing service that are enjoyed by the millions of users with a Lyft app. The CC Go ride is also trackable, allowing a designated family member to be alerted when a ride is booked.

They can then follow the ride route digitally until the loved one is dropped off at their final destination. A list of regular destination details as well as other personal information and billings are maintained by Consumer Cellular, eliminating the need to set up an account directly with Lyft. If there are any issues, Consumer Cellular´s award winning customer service representatives are available via phone to help answer any questions.

A main perk to the new service is that all Consumer Cellular customers, even those who currently use landlines and flip phones, will be able to access and book a ride using CC Go. For example, flip phone users, which make up one third of Consumer Cellular´s over 3.5 million customers, can easily book a ride through their device of choice.

CC Go will also be available on GrandPad, a wireless device powered by Consumer Cellular. The tablet was specifically designed for seniors age 80+ to help them easily connect with friends and family through a closed, secure network, reducing loneliness and social isolation. The GrandPad easily interfaces with CC Go allowing users to book a Lyft directly from the device.

The process is simple and easy. Customers can call and book appointments through the Consumer Cellular call center at (888) 750-2246 (CCGO). One of the company´s US=based customer service agents will be ready to offer fast, friendly and knowledgeable assistance that Consumer Cellular is known for.

Those who use a GrandPad tablet simply need to tap the “transportation app” to arrange a ride. The fare is fulfilled through the user´s existing CC Go account, eliminating the need to add additional payment methods. For the first 30 days after signing up, the first two rides will be free, with a limit of USD 15 per ride.

Consumer Cellular is a top-rated wireless carrier that provides no-contract cellphones and service plans primarily to those 50+. The company has been an approved AARP Provider for over 10 years and offers AARP members special discounts on service.