Lunar Wireless launches nationwide bill-free data plan

Lunar Wireless, the only carrier on the market to offer a mobile data plan with no monthly fees, launches nationwide, the company said.

With USD 4.1M in funding led by 8VC and a partnership with BLU Products to launch their USD 99 flagship phone the BLU S1, Lunar is for people that are paying hundreds of dollars every month for their phone bill, frustrated that they are charged for data they don´t use.

Founders and Thiel Fellows Hunter Rosenblume and Rohith Varanasi have created a unique “Pay What You Want” model that allows users to pay per-app for data. This model is akin to companies like MetroMile, where consumers pay-per-mile for their car insurance versus a flat monthly rate.

With Lunar, instead of trying to track data usage per-gigabyte, customers pay for only the data they want for the day. Upon opening any app, users are prompted to pay 25¢ to use it on the nation´s largest 4G networks for 24 hours. Apps used offline or on WiFi are free. With other plans, customers are paying a bill that doesn´t pay attention to their individual app usage. With Lunar, there´s no counting gigabytes and no overages. You pay for what you want, when you want it, and that´s it. Hence, “Pay What You Want.”

In pilot for the past year, the company has been testing business models, pricing, and potential partnerships. Lunar Wireless is the only mobile carrier on the market to offer a data plan with no monthly fees. Using a “Pay What You Want” model, the Detroit based company is obsessed with providing broadband access and amazing product experiences at an unprecedented value to everyone, anywhere. Get started with Lunar at