Lunar Outpost reveals Lunar resource prospector

Lunar Outpost has announced the unveiling of its Lunar Prospector, designed to map the Moon´s natural resources, the company said.

The first Prospector was demonstrated driving and drilling in Lunar regolith simulant at the Colorado School of Mines´ new lunar testbed facility in the Earth Mechanics Institute overseen by the Center for Space Resources. This event marks the first commercial Lunar Prospector publicly tested in the United States.

The Lunar Outpost Prospectors are focused on providing exploration data for In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). Prospectors provide early ISRU resource location, form, and distribution data to these future missions, enabling them to plan their missions more effectively and efficiently.

Lunar Outpost will announce its first mission to the Moon in Mid-2019.

Lunar Outpost Inc. is an advanced technology company with a focus on developing technologies that have both Earth and space applications. Comprised of top notch engineers, executives and advisors, Lunar Outpost is engaged in contracts with the US Air Force, local and state government organizations, and leading research institutions, and has recently deployed a prototype air quality monitor for Lockheed Martin´s NextSTEP Habitat module at KSC.