LunaJets reports increased demand for private jet services

European private jet carrier LunaJets has announced the private jet industry is booming with inquiries as a response to the effects of the coronavirus, the company said.

As coronavirus causes drops in flight bookings, many commercial airlines announced cuts in their flight schedule. Clients are looking to avoid crowded airports, packed cabins of commercial flights or to evacuate affected areas. Passengers want to travel as quickly as possible, avoid immigration restrictions, imposed by countries one after another.

Over the last days, inquiries for business jet charter services have increased by 45% YoY. Flying privately, clients will have limited contacts during their journey, limited to airport agents, mandatory security staff and crew.

LunaJets is a European Private Jet Broker, offering bespoke service, 24/7 availability and flexibility anywhere in the world. The company guarantees a worldwide service, thanks to dedicated Private Aviation Advisors.