Luna products enhance safety of oil and gas pipelines

Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ: LUNA), a global provider of advanced fiber optic-based technology, today shared that its fiber optic sensing technology is becoming adopted for safety and integrity monitoring in the oil and gas industry, the company said.

A continuous monitoring system allows early detection and warnings of defects before they reach the magnitude of a major disaster. While pipelines are designed to withstand many conditions, they are naturally susceptible to operational, ecological and man-made issues, including internal erosion and corrosion, mechanical deformation, leaks and encroachments.

Yet, detecting and localizing these types of complications in pipelines can be very difficult, expensive and imprecise. Fiber optic sensors installed along pipelines have proven to be successful in mitigating these risks by providing valuable data about accumulating strains.

A Columbian pipeline transport company that was experiencing mechanical deformations due to local soil and geohazard effects is now using Luna´s sensors to diminish these risks by providing the information necessary to perform preventative maintenance in a more precise way. Outfitted with more than 1,000 Luna strain sensors, Luna´s Hyperion optical sensing interrogator provides data that allows pipeline operators to gain an understanding of the mechanical behavior of buried pipelines under diverse soil conditions.

Luna Innovations Incorporated ( is a provider of optical technology, providing unique capabilities in high-performance, fiber optic-based, test products for the telecommunications industry and distributed fiber optic-based sensing for the aerospace and automotive industries. Luna is organized into two business segments, which work closely together to turn ideas into products: a Technology Development segment and a Products and Licensing segment. Luna´s business model is designed to accelerate the process of bringing new and innovative technologies to market.