Lumos Networks acquires Clarity Communications

Fiber-based, mid-Atlantic region service provider Lumos Networks Corp. (NASDAQ: LMOS) has completed its acquisition of Clarity Communications Group, the company said.

Clarity operates a 730-mile fiber network with 75 on-net locations, with the vast majority of its operations in the state of North Carolina.

Lumos Networks offers end-to-end connectivity in 24 markets in Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. With a fiber network of 9,204 fiber route miles and 475,507 total fiber strand miles, the company connects 1,297 unique fiber-to-the-cell sites, 1,642 total FTTC connections, 36 data centers, including seven company owned co-location facilities, 1,984 on-net buildings and approximately 3,300 total on-net locations.