Lumeon Launches Virtual Care Solutions with COVID-19

Lumeon, the provider of care automation, has announced a series of new virtual care solutions to help healthcare providers orchestrate care delivery and engage patients at home amid COVID-19, the company said.

The solutions enable providers to virtualize care processes at scale, minimizing face-to-face contact to reduce the risk of infection within care settings, while alleviating overburdened clinical teams.

Lumeon´s new virtual care solutions include:

COVID-19 screening and remote home monitoring — Digitally screens and monitors symptomatic patients at home, escalating only those with worsening respiratory symptoms to a clinical team. Risk assessment surveys are delivered automatically by SMS and patient symptoms, blood oxygen levels and co-morbidities are algorithmically analyzed. Patients are offered guidance including self-care advice or testing information, while those who are high risk or deteriorating are immediately connected to clinicians.

Telehealth appointment reminders — Intelligently redirects face-to-face appointments to audio or video consultations. Video links and instructions are automatically shared with patients through a cadence of SMS messages up to the appointment, reducing no-shows and increasing appointment readiness.

Insurance registration — Captures insurance information before, during or after an appointment or emergency department visit. Using an SMS link, patients are directed to an e-form questionnaire to provide their insurance details, improving revenue recovery.

Lumeon helps health systems take control of their care delivery processes by orchestrating and automating care journeys to operate with predictability and efficiency.

Its industry-leading solutions act as the ´auto-pilot´ for healthcare delivery, navigating the patient care journey while coordinating care teams, communication, tasks, and decisions to increase revenue, optimize resource utilization, and deliver superior outcomes at less cost.